Monday, August 31, 2009


Nowadays there are many experts about parenting in childcare who confuse parents about what they are supposed to do.So they feel desperate because of all these commandments and they usually make mistakes.

I have read many books of different psychologists who propuse what we have to do about our children's behaviour.I respect their opinon but it's very difficult to follow always their advice because every child has her/his unique character and personality.

Every parent knows better than others what is best for their child.I have formed an opinion about how to bring up my children which I have applied with succes until now.Here are my seven commandments:

1) They should do their homework and they must study their lessons every time.

2) They mustn't eat junk food because it is harmful to their health.

3) They ougth to go to bed before 10 o'clock p.m.

4) They should have free time to do anything they want, because in this way they relieve stress and they respond better to their responsibilities.

5) They ought to do odd jobs in the house because they learn to work as a team and they become more responsible and independent.

6) They need to have some time every day to play, especially little children because building up their personality is the most important thing for them.

7) In the end I believe that they must grow up knowing that there are limits in everything but with lots of love and affection too.

So they will have a balanced life and many values by doing all these and I thing it's worth devoting our selves to them bacause our children are the future.

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