Monday, August 31, 2009


Nowadays there are many experts about parenting in childcare who confuse parents about what they are supposed to do.So they feel desperate because of all these commandments and they usually make mistakes.

I have read many books of different psychologists who propuse what we have to do about our children's behaviour.I respect their opinon but it's very difficult to follow always their advice because every child has her/his unique character and personality.

Every parent knows better than others what is best for their child.I have formed an opinion about how to bring up my children which I have applied with succes until now.Here are my seven commandments:

1) They should do their homework and they must study their lessons every time.

2) They mustn't eat junk food because it is harmful to their health.

3) They ougth to go to bed before 10 o'clock p.m.

4) They should have free time to do anything they want, because in this way they relieve stress and they respond better to their responsibilities.

5) They ought to do odd jobs in the house because they learn to work as a team and they become more responsible and independent.

6) They need to have some time every day to play, especially little children because building up their personality is the most important thing for them.

7) In the end I believe that they must grow up knowing that there are limits in everything but with lots of love and affection too.

So they will have a balanced life and many values by doing all these and I thing it's worth devoting our selves to them bacause our children are the future.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

AUGUST (words)

1. I like to be a role model for my children.
2. A teacher must set a good example to his students.
3. My daugther can imitate some personalities on TV.
4. I love cartoons like TOM and JERRY they are quite funny.
5. There is a hilarious series on TV every Friday.
6. Someone who tells a good joke, amuses the audience.
7. All the family likes to watch sitcom on T.V.
8. I don't like when I haven't the last laugh in a conversation.
9. The archive in my blog helps me to find easy my topics.
10.What I like in my car is the dashboard.
11.I think that the Italics are more formally.
12.Every time that I publish a text on the internet I previw it first.
13. I like the satire and that sort of things.
14. Ι like very much the sweets so I am into make somes for my family.
15. Every night go to sleep after 12 o' clock.
16. I was in the kitchen and while I was dring a glass of water, it slipped from my hand and it broke.
17. When I listen the news on tv I reckon that there is only unhappiness in the world.
18. All that things politician say to us, it's not truly.
19. Acording to this it'd go along with that all the people.
20. Every time I see Mister Been does impressions of somebody I laugh.
21. My grandfather has spoken to me about the years of dictatorship.
22. The teacher dictates to childen some words.
23. Some people in the center of the town protest against war.
24. It is impossible for me to imagine that nowadays there is poverty in the world.
25. I liked how the actor played the trump on the film yesterday.
26. I feel a little tired so I am going to have a lie-in tonight.
27. I like when the shops are closed to go for a walk to do some window-shopping.
28. When I travell abroad I don't catch up with my friends.
29. Before I go to bed I like surf the Net.
30. My husband likes to do some DIY in the house.
31. I don't like to be a mess in my house.


This is PALEOXORA. Is the place where I went to holidays for a week.It is a fantastic place with many beaches and incredible see.The small town of Paleochora lies at the southwest part of Crete and the southest part of Europe. It is built on a small peninsula between two picturesque gulfs. Paleochora is washed by the Libyan Sea. It is called the Nyph of Lybian Sea and the Land of the Sun. I like it very much so I will go the next year.!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Nowadays there are many illnesses because of stress, unbalanced diet and the sendentary life.The most important health problems are diabetes, heart problems, cancer, cholesterol, obesity and osteoporosis.

So having a balanced diet and taking some exercise daily are two of the best ways to lead a healthy life. That means choosing a variety of foods and drinks from all the food groups.It' s good to eat foods of all colors and to find ways to exercise.

You should eat food with enough calories, but not too many.Don't eat more food than your body uses.This depends on your age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity.

Eat a wide variety of foods, especially vegetables, whole grains, ftuits and legumes. Limit sugary foods, salt, saturated fats and refined products.

Moreover you should relieve your stress with working out in a gym to be in a good shape your heart and your brain benefit from exercise.

Another factor for a healthy life is the good sense of humor, which helps you stay emotionally healthy. Remember that even in the most difficult of times, a laugh, or even simply a smile, can go a long way in helping us feel better!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


This story is about a poor fisherman who had three daughters. He sold the fish and he bought food which his wife cooked and his children ate.

One day as he cried out, because he had not caught a single fish, a black man appeared and said to him, "I'll give you a sack of gold florins but you must bring me one of your daugthers to take to my master.If you don't you'll never catch another fish."

The prettiest and kindest of the three girls was the youngest. She said goodbye to her mother and sisters and the next morning went down to the sea with her father. The black man led the girl in another world where there was a beautiful palace with servants who were expecting her.

At first she was happy, but until that time she had been married for a year and had never known her husband,so she was very unhappy for that.

One day her husband left angry, because she tried to know him as her mother told her to do when she visited her in the palace. From this moment the girl began to walk night and day in search of her husband. The girl met on her travels three old women who were really Fates who wanted her to find her husband.

In the end after many adventures she found him and they lived in happiness ever after.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Love at first sight

It was a man Mark who lived in Spain in a small beautiful village. He was very lonely and isolated so every day in the afternoon he went for a walk in the main street of the village where there were many shops.

One day he decided to buy a cat or a dog from a pet shop because he wanted to have a company. As soon as he got in the shop he didn't know what was going happen to him. First he looked around the place looking for the pet which he wanted to buy. Next he advanced toward the shop assistant to help him with what he wanted to buy. While he was looking at her he was feeling his heart beating very loudly. He fell in love with her at first sight. But the assistant Maria felt the same about him too. They took to each other immediately.

So after that they were living together in a small house with happiness and passion in the begging but after a while they didn't get on well because of different financial problems probably.They didn't get over their problems and they fell out every day so Maria left the house desperate by this situation.

At that time Mark won the lottery and he was very happy about it. At once he bought a mansion and many animals and he thought that he reached Maria's expectations so it was the big break to made up again.

Finally they got back together and they lived happily ever after.