Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Out of Africa"

Out of Africa is the most romantic film I have ever seen.It is based on the memories of a Danish writer Karen Blixen who runs a cofee plantation in Kenya.Meryl Sreep is great as Karen Blixen. The role was very coplex and she performed it beautifully. Robert Redford is also excellent as Denys-Hatton, the hunter who keeps her company.

But the best feature of this film is the outstanding photography of Africa. The beautiful African scenery is breathtaking. Also the soundtrack is out of this world. Sydney Pollack directs this brilliant movie who is one of the best directors of the cinema. There aren't special effects in the film, but I think that it doesn't matter because the test of it is so rich that makes you feel so emotional and touches you in a unique way.

I recommend it to anyone because it is an absolutely brilliant film which was worth every penny!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

September (words)

  • 1.I am very happy because I'm going to put up my best friend from America for a week.
  • 2.My mother always nags me that I don't look after her.
  • 3.If we eat every day in moderation it will be good for our health.
  • 4.When I come in a room where some people smoke, I can't breathe because the atmosphere is stuffy.
  • 5.My house isn't spacious so many times I feel suffocated in it.
  • 6.I was sorry, when I heard about this child who was found drowned on the beach.
  • 7.Many people feel isolated in this era, because of the different societal problem.
  • 8.Our houses are more cosy when they are painted in natural colours.
  • 9.One of the feature that I want for my house is to be intimate to anyone.
  • 10.It's nice for a house to be chilly in the summer, but what about the winter?
  • 11.My bedroom is drafty, so when the weather is hot, it is very relaxing to sleep in.
  • 12.My sister's brand new house has a balcony which overlooks the sea.
  • 13.I like the high shutters with green colour.
  • 14.Iraklion is a cosy town;on the downside, it's full of cars.
  • 15.Now I live in a block of flats, but I dream of having a detached house.
  • 16.As a housewife, I can day that the most useful room in a house is the warehouse.
  • 17.My daugther likes to do up her room very often.
  • 18.Many of the things which people do, must be ecologically friendly, in order for us to save the planet.
  • 19.I have a friend who is claustrophobic and doesn't go in the elevator.
  • 20.I had a quarrel with a person last night because he stared at me continously.
  • 21.I believe that when you are keen on something it's certain that you are going to do it very well.
  • 22.All of us like to have some amenities when we stay in a hotel.
  • 23.Parents must be negotiable with their children, especially when they are adolescents.
  • 24.When somebody revolutionizes education,the result of this revolution may benefit many people.
  • 25.All of us saw the blazing forests this summer on T.V because of arsons.
  • 26.Usually a rager is very noisy and full of people.It finishes at dawn.
  • 27.In these days youngsters swear and behave very badly to each other.
  • 28.It makes me feel better if I treat myself to some candy.
  • 29.I like staying in my beloved place for some days every year.
  • 30.Talking with a friend cheers me up, takes my mind off any problem,and I get though the day.
  • 31.It isn't worth splashing out so much money on clothes.

Two important events that happened when I were growing up.

When I was a kid I was very reckless and I liked doing things which boys occupied with, like hunting.
So, one day, many years ago, my brother and I left out house in the village at 10 o'clock in the morning.We took a weapon and we went far away in the forest to hunting birds.Our mother was very concerned about out safety because she didn't know where we were and because around the village there were many wells.We were absent all the day because when you are a kid you don't realise the passing of time and you find many things to do. I remember this event because of the severe punishment which our mother gave us.I also remember that she made a fusse about it.

Another event which I remember is when I was 5 years old and I wanted to go from my village to the town by bike.It was a distance of 24kilometres and I didn't understand that I coudn't go on my bike.So one day, I made my mind up that I can try to go alone.While my parents were busy with their affairs I found the chance to achieve my goal. My uncle found me in the middle of the street as he coming to the village after 2 hours and he took me to my house.
As you understand I had a new punishment again and I remember this event because I really was frightened when I was far away from my house!