Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Many people believe it is better to spend their money enjoying themselves and not worry about saving for the future. Do you agree with this?

I personally believe that all of us should worry about saving for the future and especially for our children's future. So we should save money for a rainy day.

It is true that most people spend money on things that they don't need such as new mobile phones or to cheer themselves up with a trip, but one day they maybe will find themselves in a difficult situation and in this case they should cope with their problems. For one thing, we should always be prepared to pay fore health's problems. In my opinion this is the most important reason why people should think about saving money for a rainy day. For instance, a cousin of mine had such a problem with his child who was ill and when he needed some money for the hospital, he couldn't pay because he had just returned from a trip.

For another thing, people should be worried about saving money for life's big events, and one such event is a wedding or their children's well-being. I think that a parent derives big pleasure when he is be able to provide some things to their children's wedding. I felt this when my brother got his son married, and he could pay for all arrangements of the wedding. He was very happy for this.

Finally, to be able to help your children when they start making their own start in life is another reason to save money. This does not mean that we must be stressed for all these, but we ought to think in such a way that will help us have a good life, satisfy our needs as well as the needs of our own people.

To sum up,it is a good idea to save money for a rainy day, but without this making us very anxious, because anxiety does not solve problems.

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  1. That's proper ECCE writing, Alice! Well done! The picture is awesome, as well! :-)