Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What would you like about living in a smart house? Do you thing there are any disadvantages? What do you thing houses will be in 50 years' time?

I would like living in a smart house for awhile, because I thing that it has a lot to offer.Such a house with its techonology, makes the occupant's life easier.Everybody wants to have comfort and convenience in his|her life.
On the other hand, in my opinion,it can have a negative impact on the grounds that by living in a smart house where everything is automatic, your life would be very monotonous as you have nothing to do and this situation makes you be inactive with many negative effects on your health.
Also, there's no doubt in my mind that houses will be more advanced in 50 years' time which means that people probably will have a robot in their position to do everything for them, so I'm certain that this may have destructive consequences on people's life.

How would you feel about living in a igloo for a couple of days?A month or two? Why?

From where I sit, I feel that I wouldn't live in an igloo for a couple of days, because it is a very small home and it seems to me that I wouldn't breathe freely into it. I would have the sense of claustrophobia.
Another thing is that, I can't stand the idea of living on ace even if it is covered in furs. I believe that I'm far away from these living condition despite the fact that if I were in an emergency situation or ran a health risk,I would necessarily live in such a place!

What is your main interest?

I think that I'm a restless person and I have lot of energy to do many things during the day so I have many many interests. This period of time I'm passionate about cycling.

I love my bicycle! First of all, it is a big white bicycle, very comfortable and full of technology. This means that every time I ride it,I enjoy going to my destination with it.
Secondly, I save time which is very valiable in our days, because by bike you can go everywhere without delay.In addition, by cycling I can keep myself healthy because it is one of the best types of exercise and, therefore,I control my weight.

Taking all the above into consideration,I thing that I will use my cycle until I become old.