Thursday, November 22, 2012

Relative clause quiz

Choose the relative pronoun to complete the relative clause sentence. Each question has only one correct answer. When you are finished click on the "Next Question" button. There are 30 questions to this quiz. Try to use only 1 minute per question. At the end of the quiz, you will receive quiz feedback.

Friday, May 18, 2012

ECCE Links

Alice, why don't you also try these Online tests offered by HAU upon registering?

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Videos for listening practice

These videos seem to be best for upper-intermediate/ advanced adult learners, since most of them combine useful vocabulary, clearly pronounced words and English subtitles.

Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids

Teaching kids about Global Warming

Youth Crime activity

Real English videos on YouTube

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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Dear Editor,
It is tragic that so many young people smoke regularly without realizing how many health problems they will have in the future.This is the reason which I am writing to you; to express my suggestions in order for all of us to deal with this serious problem.

Firstly, I believe that family has the most important role in this case because parents and relatives are in close contact with their children so they know their special features and weakness.In other words, they should explain to them the effects of smoking on their health and they should convince their children that smoking is a bad habit. Parents themselves must be role models for their children, setting the good example of working out in a gym or having some physical activities all together.

Secondly, schools and teachers have a lot to offer to tackle this problem with their educational programs. As I know many schools show some selected films in order to shock the children into an awareness of the problem and encourage them to avoid all the bad influences. In addition, educators know the way to be near the children by discussing their problems and rewarding their efforts. Also, they know how to organize lectures related with young people's problems, like smoking in this tender age, cooperating with different experts, such as doctors and simultaneously informing children's parents about these issues.

I firmly believe that with the cooperation of family and teachers, we can persuade young people that smoking is not cool. I think it will help to try these suggestions.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The fitness method Pilates took its name from J.H. Pilates who developed and presented a unique exercise system in the beginning of the 20th century.He taught an exercise combination which is executed on the floor in a fixed sequence and with specially designed equipment.
Pilates aims to develop the deeper muscle layers which support the spine, stabilize the trunk and contribute to correct posture and movement. The key element in this method is the emphasis which is given to the" power house" the central body strength. The method of Pilates is holistic without isolating muscle groups. When a part of the body is moved, the rest participates actively, stabilizing and supporting the whole.
It increases the suppleness and muscles and joint mobility. Also corrects asymmetries and chronic weaknesses, bringing balance to muscle groups and reducing aches.However, the biggest advantage of Pilates is that it causes a wide range of changes in posture and body movement which can be incorporated into our everyday life and upgrade it qualitatively.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Some people believe that choosing to study abroad is better than studying in their home counrties.I think that both aspects have many advantages and disadvantages.

Talking about studying abroad you can say that one advantage is that you can broaden your horizons by seeing how the people live in other counties. In this way, you can understand their culture which helps you to compare different things, to realise who you are and what you want. In addition,attending universities abroad can be an enriching experience because you have to take all the courses in a foreign language so in the end you will speak this language as your native one.

While there are considerable benefits to studying abroad, there are also importand drawbacks that cannot be ignored. First of all, you may feel isolated or homesick. It is very difficult to be alone without your friends, your parents and your relatives next to you. Secondly, it can be a financial burden on your parents because the studies abroad have a high cost. This would be risky because the degree may not be recognized in your country, which means that your effort was for nothing.

On the other hand, talking aboat studying in your country you can say that it is very advantageous. You can study in your mother tongue which makes it easier to understand everything which is provided to you. Moreover, you are close to family and friends which is very supportive and helps you to accomplish your goals. Also, it is not as expensive as studying abroad and this is a relief for parents who probably have other children to take care of.

To sum up, I believe that the best solution would be to study in your country for all the reasons above and there is no doubt in my mind that we all ought to support our county by all means.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Dear Editor,

I am a parent and I am writing to you to express my opinion about the idea of some schools to providing a new refreshment bar to sell health food and also to install a vending machine.As a parent, I think the best idea would be a refreshment bar which would improve the eating habits of students.

I think that it would be very beneficial fοr the students to have the opportunity to buy healthy food because young people are not health conscious so all of us, parents and teachers ought to teach them what is worthwhile.I believe that teenagers must be aware of the benefits of healthy eating and this is an education which starts from an early age, so when they reach puberty, they will know how to choose food with high nutritional value.However, it is not possible to teach them all these about nutrition, to urge them to improve eating habits, if healthy food is not available in the schools or in stores near the school.

Despite the fact that school officials are concerned that healthy snacks would not be popular enough with students to cover the costs, I insist the refreshment bar be provided because the children are in a very sensitive age with many emotional fluctuations and they usually tend to choose unhealthy snacks so it would be pointless to offer them potato chips, candy bars and soft drinks while we tell them all the time that these are not good for their organism.Another serious reason why I am against vending machines is that teenagers must care about their weight and as far as I know from my experience as a physical education teacher in some schools some years ago, many children face up the problem of obesity. So we ought to convince them about what is the best for themselves.

I hope you will take my opinion into account.

Yours sincerely


Dear Mayor,

I am a local resident and I am writing to you to express my opinion about the plan to build a huge shopping mall on a site three miles outside our town.I agree with this plan, and I believe that young people will find there a place of entertainment with many activities.

First of all, this plan will boost our region in many aspects. It will give jobs to many people so in this way families will be able to offer to their children and the other members of them all they need.Secondly, the mall with all these facilities will enhance tourism and money and many people from other parts of the country will have the motive to come and know about our town, our traditions and our culture.It will help us to be more sociable to communicate with different people, to exchange opinions with them. This means that we will have the opportunity to enrich our experiences and to progress in many aspects of our life.

On the other hand, I know that some residents do not agree with this plan because they fear that this could mean the end for small local stores. I disagree with them because I strongly believe that all these people who will come in the mall will have the curiosity to explore the town, to go sightseeing and to taste the traditional food. So they will come in our local stores and I am sure that they will spend enough money on them. I suggest helping all local shop owners to reorganise and to renovate their shops in order for them to be able to come up to the challenge of having a huge shopping mall next to them.

All in all, I hope you take all these into account and I look forward to hearing good news from you. I wish all goes well in the end.