Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am convinced that the most serious environmental problem is the global warming and all of us ought to do anything we can to save the planet and our children's future.

The signs of global warming are all around us. The earth's atmosphera is overloaded with carbon dioxide which is created by pollution from factories, exhaust fumes, from cars, toxic waste, and all these result in the greenhouse effect and the changing climate.Moreover the global warming causes a big problem in the Arctic region.The polar ice caps melt because of rising temperatures and that is to say, the sea level rises threatening some areas near the sea with floods which contaminating the water; in this way the endangered species are menaced.In fact, we should set limits on pollution causing because if we don't the consequence will be the destruction of the planet which means that the human species will disappear.

And we can do it!! First of all, we can invest in ''green '' jobs and clean energy by building windparks. To drive smarter cars, like hybrid cars, will help to solve the problem because it will reduce air pollution. Another effective solition would be to create green homes and buildings. New buildings should be constructed according to standars that maximize energy savings.Finally, we should be more active by walking to work and using the car less or using the public means of transport.

In conclusion, if we want to protect the planet, we should try our best because in this way we ensure the future of the generations to come. The responsibility lies with each one of us, so I thing it's worth trying. I am sure everything will be fine in thr end.!!