Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Dear Editor,

I am a parent and I am writing to you to express my opinion about the idea of some schools to providing a new refreshment bar to sell health food and also to install a vending machine.As a parent, I think the best idea would be a refreshment bar which would improve the eating habits of students.

I think that it would be very beneficial fοr the students to have the opportunity to buy healthy food because young people are not health conscious so all of us, parents and teachers ought to teach them what is worthwhile.I believe that teenagers must be aware of the benefits of healthy eating and this is an education which starts from an early age, so when they reach puberty, they will know how to choose food with high nutritional value.However, it is not possible to teach them all these about nutrition, to urge them to improve eating habits, if healthy food is not available in the schools or in stores near the school.

Despite the fact that school officials are concerned that healthy snacks would not be popular enough with students to cover the costs, I insist the refreshment bar be provided because the children are in a very sensitive age with many emotional fluctuations and they usually tend to choose unhealthy snacks so it would be pointless to offer them potato chips, candy bars and soft drinks while we tell them all the time that these are not good for their organism.Another serious reason why I am against vending machines is that teenagers must care about their weight and as far as I know from my experience as a physical education teacher in some schools some years ago, many children face up the problem of obesity. So we ought to convince them about what is the best for themselves.

I hope you will take my opinion into account.

Yours sincerely

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  1. Lots of hard work, Alice. during the holidays! Well done! Both your letters are amazing!