Thursday, March 24, 2011

February (words)

1.I didn't like the fact that I was obliged to resign from my job for personal reasons.
2.Beethoven was a person with admirable expertise in music.
3.Somebody spoke on tv last night and he highlighted the problem of pollution.
4.When somebody speaks of you badly, you must overlook his rudeness.
5.In my job I want to be very polite with my fellow workers.
6.The police has many enquiries about the crime.
7.Because I like tidiness, I always file my bills.
8.Every time I give exams I keep my fingers crossed.
9.First day at work and my senior told me what my duties will be.
10.In my family it is traditional to name children after their grandfather or their grandmother.
11.When I decide to do something well, I can work miracles.
12.Two days ago I was in Athens on a business trip and I got in touch with my children all the time.
13.I saw the crash and I wonder if somebody survived this accident.
14.I can't stand people who insult me.
15.I don't know why, but all the time I mislay my glasses.
16.When I am in a difficult situation, I adjust to the new conditions.
17.As I grow up, I feel that I don't put up with many things.
18.I have a new friend in my life and I like that he's a decent sort of man.
19.My husband had an accident with his bike and now he can't walk, he limps.
20.Although it is raining, I keep on walking to my house.
21.Old people are usually more conservative than young people.
22.What I like about my teacher is that she has very progressive ideas.
23.The fiancé of my brother is a very beautiful girl with a strong personality.
24.When somebody is very ambitious, this can be negative for his life.
25.We must keep some bad things off our lives.
26.Last night I dreamed that I was on a ship and I fell in the sea and I drowned.
27.When we are children, we liked chasing each other.
28.Each time I'm in a awful hurry, I usually become careless and I hurt myself.
29.A friend of mine, ruined her life because of her wrong decisions.
30.When a person is mean in terms of money, possibly this person is mean in terms of feelings too.
31.Every day I say to my doughter to lay her bed before she leaves for school, but she never does it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Picture of Dorian Gray

The picture of Dorian Gray is a story about a young man who was very handsome and innocent at first, but with the bad influence of his friend Lord Henry, we will see how he ended up.

The story starts when Dorian Gray went to his friend Basil Hallward's studio, who was an artist and had just finished Dorian's Gray portrait.There he met Lord Henry, who was 40 years old and he didn't believe in anything and he didn't care about anyone.He only saw the negative aspect of everything and ridiculed the positive one.Nothing was important to him and spent his life going to parties and drinking.Dorian Gray was innocent as I said and he didn't know anything about life so he adopted Lord Henry's cynical way of thinking and his life changed under this influence.Dorian's life became more and more decadent and his beautiful picture reflected what was happening to him.So in this way, he was responsible for three deaths.First,it was the death of Sibyl Vane, an actress who was in love with Dorian and he promised her marriage,but after a while he regretted his decision and the girl took some poison and died.

The second death was the one of his friend Basil, the artist who painted his portrait.Before that, Basil tried to tell him that everyone. In London was talking about him and was saying terrible things, so he was worried about all these.Dorian full of hatred, took a knife and stabbed Basil in the neck.Finally, the third person who died was the brother of Sibyl Vane, who was a sailor and when he heard about his sister's death he returned to take revenge, but he didn'tsucceed.

After all these, Dorian wasn't satisfied with his life.He realized that he wasn't a nice person so when he looked at the portrait which reflected his evilness all these years, he turned ugly and he took the knife and stabbed the picture with all his strength. There was a terrible cry, and the servants were frightened when they saw Dorian Gray dead with a knife in his heart,and his face was very ugly and his eyes were evil.On the wall they saw a beautiful picture of Dorian Gray looking young and handsome just as they knew him.