Thursday, March 29, 2012


Dear Editor,
It is tragic that so many young people smoke regularly without realizing how many health problems they will have in the future.This is the reason which I am writing to you; to express my suggestions in order for all of us to deal with this serious problem.

Firstly, I believe that family has the most important role in this case because parents and relatives are in close contact with their children so they know their special features and weakness.In other words, they should explain to them the effects of smoking on their health and they should convince their children that smoking is a bad habit. Parents themselves must be role models for their children, setting the good example of working out in a gym or having some physical activities all together.

Secondly, schools and teachers have a lot to offer to tackle this problem with their educational programs. As I know many schools show some selected films in order to shock the children into an awareness of the problem and encourage them to avoid all the bad influences. In addition, educators know the way to be near the children by discussing their problems and rewarding their efforts. Also, they know how to organize lectures related with young people's problems, like smoking in this tender age, cooperating with different experts, such as doctors and simultaneously informing children's parents about these issues.

I firmly believe that with the cooperation of family and teachers, we can persuade young people that smoking is not cool. I think it will help to try these suggestions.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The fitness method Pilates took its name from J.H. Pilates who developed and presented a unique exercise system in the beginning of the 20th century.He taught an exercise combination which is executed on the floor in a fixed sequence and with specially designed equipment.
Pilates aims to develop the deeper muscle layers which support the spine, stabilize the trunk and contribute to correct posture and movement. The key element in this method is the emphasis which is given to the" power house" the central body strength. The method of Pilates is holistic without isolating muscle groups. When a part of the body is moved, the rest participates actively, stabilizing and supporting the whole.
It increases the suppleness and muscles and joint mobility. Also corrects asymmetries and chronic weaknesses, bringing balance to muscle groups and reducing aches.However, the biggest advantage of Pilates is that it causes a wide range of changes in posture and body movement which can be incorporated into our everyday life and upgrade it qualitatively.