Thursday, February 17, 2011


The story begins with the death of James Hamilton who was a widower,a rich old man and had no children.Hamilton Hall the name of a big stone house owned by James Hamilton and many generations of Hamiltons lived and died there.

Now after Jame's death,this house and money would go to the person who could solve the mystery of Hamilton Hall. Three relatives and one family friend were the four competitors who had a puzzle to solve:what and where was the treasure of Hamilton Hall?They had seven days to find out and the person who would solve the puzzle would get the house and the money.
All of them stayed at Hamilton Hall with Griff,the butler who looked after them.They were two women and two men.The two men died in their effort to find out the answer to what and where was the treasure and Griff was charged with the murder of those two men,so he went to prison.

Thus,the two women remained to solve the mystery.One of them succeeded in getting there but with the help of a man who was the doctor of Mr Hamilton in his last illness.The doctor fell in love with the woman and was very happy with the result of this story and the woman too.So they inherited the house and money and they could live there happily!

Monday, February 14, 2011

JANUARY. (words)

1.Many times I say to my daughter that she should mind her manners.
2.The first thing that I look when I set foot in a place is if it'clean.
3.Every day I give my daughter a lift to her school because it is far from here.
4.I don't like betting money on horses.
5.I rejected your marriage proposal and I regretted my rushed decision.
6.It's nice when people's dreams come off.
7.I hate these days when I feel let down, without energy at all.
8.When somebody offers me a chance,I take advantage of it.
9.If I want to be member in a gym club, I should sign up for that.
10.If I was a manager in a company, I wouldn't give the elbow to my employees.
11.I will not allow myself to be impolite to anyone.
12.To protect my children I take some precautions.
13.If you run a company, you don't want any counterproductive employees.
14.Some times, I become disrespectful to my parents and then I feel very bad about it.
15.I would like to confront all the problems in my life with optimism.
16.As I grow up, I notice that I try hard to memorize things.
17.I know some people who don't want to face facts because this is a grim truth.
18.If I happen to break somebody's heart, it will be only by mistake.
19.When I must take a serious decision for my life, I don't make up my mind about it quickly.
20.When I got the elbow from the company, I felt angry with my boss.
21.Every day, I have my hand so full that I wish to have more hours in a day to finish what I have to do.
22.My wonderful teacher Christina wants me to learn all the new English words by heart!
23.Nowadays it's very difficult to find someone who you can see eye to eye with.
24.I always wonder, why children are so cheeky to people of older age.
25.I don't like to be nosy, especially about matters pertaining to other people.
26.Always I find a way to catch somebody's eye without being perceptible.
27.My sister asked me to give her a hand to clean her house, because she had an accident and she broke her arm.
28.Today my son sat for an examination so I keep fingers crossed for him.
29.I can't overlook the fact that he has some negative feelings about me.
30.When I go abroad, I want to liaise with my business partners there.
31.Women cope with many things compared to men who are able to do only one job.