Saturday, August 6, 2011

ECCE speaking part two

Imagine that you have won a scholarship to study at a college in America for three months. You are looking for a place to live while you are studying. The choice has come down to two places.

A. First place: Student dormitory

Student: Could you tell me where the student dormitory is?
Examiner: It is in the campus.
Student: How much will it cost to stay there?
Examiner: It will cost 800$ a month including breakfast and dinner.
Student: Does the student dormitory have any sports or entertainment facilities?
Examiner: Yes it has a TV lounge, a cafeteria, a gym and a fitness center.
Student: It is nice! I am very excited about these facilities. Finally I would like to know how to get to the college from the student dormitory.
Examiner: It is very easy! It is only a 10-minute walk from the lecture halls.
Student: It is very convenient for a student.

B. Second place: room in private house

Student: I would like to know where the house is?
Examiner: It is a big traditional house 4 miles from the campus.
Student: Could you tell me how much it will cost?
Examiner: It will cost 450$ a month for only one room.
Student: Please let me know if the house offers any special facilities.Is it convenient to use public transport from the house to get to the college?
Examiner: Yes, it is very convenient because there is a bus every hour from the house or you could ride your bike to get to the college.
Student: Yes, it sounds good! But I would like to know if this house offers any special facilities.
Examiner: Yes, you can use a shared kitchen, laundry room, but there are no shops or entertainment nearby.
Student: This would be very uncomfortable.

Choosing an Option:
My first choice would be the student dormitory because I think that it would suit me best. I thing that I would have more fun with the company of the fellow students and also there are some facilities which would make my life easier and more entertaining. The distance from the dormitory to the college is convenient and if I go on foot or by bike it's a good way to do exercise every day to keep fit and healthy.I wouldn't probably choose the room in the private house because I think that to stay with a family would be pressing for me and makes me feel very uncomfortable .In addition, the facilities which are offered in a room of a private house don't meet my needs,as the lack of transportation methods would be a problem.
As a result, I'd choose to stay in a student dormitory because it is important to me to feel relaxed and pleasantly.


Dear Troubled

I am writing to give some suggestions about your problem with your roommates.I know what it is like to feel angry and confused because you can't study or sleep because of the loud music and you have to do more chores because of their mess.I had a similar problem when I was your age and I am sure that the situation can be improved.

It might be a good idea to explain to them how difficult it is for you to study with so much noise around and make them understand that you have important exams soon and if they were in your place, you would do everything you could to support their attempt.

Another suggestion is to make a deal with them about the chores, telling that it is not fair to live in a house with other people and undertake all the chores.Everyone has the obligation to do anything they can to make sure things go well. The place which is shared by a lot of people should always be clean and tidy because it is a moral issue to respect the person next to you. By telling all these to your roommates I am sure that they would understand you and your feelings and they would try for the best.

I thing it will help you to try these suggestions. I am sure everything will be fine in the end.
Yours Aliki