Saturday, August 6, 2011


Dear Troubled

I am writing to give some suggestions about your problem with your roommates.I know what it is like to feel angry and confused because you can't study or sleep because of the loud music and you have to do more chores because of their mess.I had a similar problem when I was your age and I am sure that the situation can be improved.

It might be a good idea to explain to them how difficult it is for you to study with so much noise around and make them understand that you have important exams soon and if they were in your place, you would do everything you could to support their attempt.

Another suggestion is to make a deal with them about the chores, telling that it is not fair to live in a house with other people and undertake all the chores.Everyone has the obligation to do anything they can to make sure things go well. The place which is shared by a lot of people should always be clean and tidy because it is a moral issue to respect the person next to you. By telling all these to your roommates I am sure that they would understand you and your feelings and they would try for the best.

I thing it will help you to try these suggestions. I am sure everything will be fine in the end.
Yours Aliki

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