Monday, July 12, 2010

JUNE (words)

  1. Because of my child's naughtines I have a word with her\him every now and then.
  2. When something annoys me very much, I make a fuss about it.
  3. I know a person who is opinionated and he insists on everything.
  4. It's something that I always do; to apologize when I annoy others.
  5. Every day I eat whole grain bread because it's good for the otganism.
  6. Anna bought a new dress from a store but it doesn't fit her, so she asked for a refund.
  7. My sister is so nervous that she drives me crazy when we discuss something.
  8. When a friend of mine has a problem, I like to comfort her.
  9. I have more to learn about blogging, but every day I am increasingly aware of new developments.
  10. It's very significant for me, when I come to do something, to do it right.
  11. I will go to the bank tomorrow to meet the deadlines for my bills.
  12. The number of  tearways in our society increases every day.
  13. I f every school in our country had some funding,our education would be better.
  14. Every gang culture follows specific rules of conduct when it has to tackle something head on.
  15. I prefer to nip a fight with a friend in the bud.
  16. Anyone who is excluded, possibly feels angry with the other people.
  17. When I had a serious problem I decided to turn my life around.
  18. The citizens of a country are obligated to abide by the law.
  19. Whoever breaks the law is in danger of going to jail.
  20.  Parents dread to think that the crimewave menaces their children.
  21.  It's to be regretted that the juvenile crime destroys the life of the children who intervene in this.
  22. When you are a manager in a company, you should rely on your employee.
  23. I always give credit to my children for their good behavior.
  24. All the parents think that, it's worth the try to instill good principles into their children.
  25. Yesterday, my sister asked me something that made me feel bad and I dodged the question.
  26. Animals seek only affection from people.
  27. It's very difficult not to get into troubles when you are a teenager because of impulsive reactions which dominate this age group.
  28. I like it very much when I take up a new hobby and I am very enthusiastic about it.
  29. Yesterday, a robbery was committed in the National bank, but the thief escaped and nobody knows anything about it.
  30. I want to be surrounded by people who have a personality.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Dear Law-abiding,

I am a reader of Priscilla's column and I am writing to  give some suggestions about your problem with your friend.I know what it's like to feel angry and confused because your best friend has been stealing for months.

A good idea to prevent this might be to speak to her parents, in order to know which their daugher's problem is.I think that parents are the closest people to each one of us; they are the people who have only positive thoughts about their childen and the people who know better than anyone the weak points of them. In this way, parents are the most suitable people for such a serious problem and they have the right to know about it.

Another good idea is to speak to a person who you know that your best friend respects, trusts, and appreciates. For example, a teacher, a relative, or even better a psychologist. In my opinion, this person can approach your friend because she will feel that she speaks with a friend and she won't defent herself in what she\he has to say about her problem.It is urgent that somebody should made your friend understand what is happening to her and the most important is to find out the reasons why she is in this difficult situation.

Taking all the above into consideration, I think that you should help your best friend and, thus you will express your feelinds and your concern about her. I am sure everything will be fine in the end.