Friday, April 23, 2010

MARCH (words)

  • If you take this packet I will charge you double.
  • Can you affotd to pay for so many interests?
  • I can say that all the people have some flaws.
  • When you sent me your papers, you didn't your C.V.
  • Don't do it forthis because it will be very to your job.
  • I can't forbid you to go to the party, but please don't come back late.
  • Teenagers don't like prohibitions .
  • Yesterday, we voted for a very active in my school.
  • It isn't polite to interrupt me when I speak.
  • Every day I clean my room but the dust is in the air.
  • It is right to protest about something that you don't like.
  • From this position many opportunities will come up.
  • When I want to listen to music, I like switching off the lights.
  • I got rid of all my old clothes because I bought some new ones.
  • I never buy a piece of clothing,if it doen't fit me.
  • I thing that the classical style suits me better than the modern one.
  • There are some youngsters who hang around in the Lion's square every night.
  • All the family are proud of the my daughter's grades.
  • In Winter, I like to burn wood down in fireplace.
  • I had an accident last year and I wrote off my new moped.
  • As I was walking in my house last night I tripped up and I fell down.
  • There was a glass of water on the table but I knocked it over, so it fell.
  • My car is empty of petrol, I must fill it up.
  • When I see a friend of mine to be sad I want to cheer him\her up.
  • Usually boys quarrel in my school; today someone knock somebody else out in a wrangle over trifles.
  • Suddenly, a big fire burst in the forest.
  • A strong wind uprooted all the trees in the garden.
  • I observed that all the product prices are on the rise at the supermarket in this period.
  • When I am angry about something, I express my frustration with a loud scream.
  • Many times, I don't dare to do things which I should do because I'm afraid of something.
  • Today I was in the centre of the town and I got stuck in traffic for about two hours.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Generation gap

I agree with teenagers that it is very difficult for their parents to understand them because of the generation gap.This means that there is a difference in the attitude, priorities and views among generations.

In this way there are many problems between generations. First of all, the progress and the technology creates many problems in this era. The younger generations accept and adopt these technologies very quickly so that are ahead of the older generations, who believe that teens are shallow, and they have a lack of knowledge. So the young people today get their information from the Internet while the elders take it from the profound study of books. One should also bear in mind that every age has its own codes which include the way of dressing, of behavior, and of relationships with others. Consequently, our grandmothers are connected with tradition so they never approve of the way that we wear the clothes today, for example the jeans, while the younger generations consider the elders old fashioned.

Despite the fact that there are problems, this does not mean that there are not some possible ways of overcoming them. Firstly, one way would be for parents to listen to what children are trying to say; they should talk to them, and encourage them. Even though it is difficult to interpret the teenagers' mind when they try to become an individual, parents ought to spend time with their children, to do some activities together, so in this way they will know each other better. As a mother, I try to support my children in every possible way every day, to understand them and to share a common hobby with them, which will give us the same pleasure.

Taking everything into account, the best thing to do is to try to brige the generation gap and simply, to tell our children that we trust them enough to do the right thing.