Friday, April 23, 2010

MARCH (words)

  • If you take this packet I will charge you double.
  • Can you affotd to pay for so many interests?
  • I can say that all the people have some flaws.
  • When you sent me your papers, you didn't your C.V.
  • Don't do it forthis because it will be very to your job.
  • I can't forbid you to go to the party, but please don't come back late.
  • Teenagers don't like prohibitions .
  • Yesterday, we voted for a very active in my school.
  • It isn't polite to interrupt me when I speak.
  • Every day I clean my room but the dust is in the air.
  • It is right to protest about something that you don't like.
  • From this position many opportunities will come up.
  • When I want to listen to music, I like switching off the lights.
  • I got rid of all my old clothes because I bought some new ones.
  • I never buy a piece of clothing,if it doen't fit me.
  • I thing that the classical style suits me better than the modern one.
  • There are some youngsters who hang around in the Lion's square every night.
  • All the family are proud of the my daughter's grades.
  • In Winter, I like to burn wood down in fireplace.
  • I had an accident last year and I wrote off my new moped.
  • As I was walking in my house last night I tripped up and I fell down.
  • There was a glass of water on the table but I knocked it over, so it fell.
  • My car is empty of petrol, I must fill it up.
  • When I see a friend of mine to be sad I want to cheer him\her up.
  • Usually boys quarrel in my school; today someone knock somebody else out in a wrangle over trifles.
  • Suddenly, a big fire burst in the forest.
  • A strong wind uprooted all the trees in the garden.
  • I observed that all the product prices are on the rise at the supermarket in this period.
  • When I am angry about something, I express my frustration with a loud scream.
  • Many times, I don't dare to do things which I should do because I'm afraid of something.
  • Today I was in the centre of the town and I got stuck in traffic for about two hours.

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