Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Dear Mayor,

I am a local resident and I am writing to you to express my opinion about the plan to build a huge shopping mall on a site three miles outside our town.I agree with this plan, and I believe that young people will find there a place of entertainment with many activities.

First of all, this plan will boost our region in many aspects. It will give jobs to many people so in this way families will be able to offer to their children and the other members of them all they need.Secondly, the mall with all these facilities will enhance tourism and money and many people from other parts of the country will have the motive to come and know about our town, our traditions and our culture.It will help us to be more sociable to communicate with different people, to exchange opinions with them. This means that we will have the opportunity to enrich our experiences and to progress in many aspects of our life.

On the other hand, I know that some residents do not agree with this plan because they fear that this could mean the end for small local stores. I disagree with them because I strongly believe that all these people who will come in the mall will have the curiosity to explore the town, to go sightseeing and to taste the traditional food. So they will come in our local stores and I am sure that they will spend enough money on them. I suggest helping all local shop owners to reorganise and to renovate their shops in order for them to be able to come up to the challenge of having a huge shopping mall next to them.

All in all, I hope you take all these into account and I look forward to hearing good news from you. I wish all goes well in the end.

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