Tuesday, October 12, 2010

September (words)

  • 1.I am very happy because I'm going to put up my best friend from America for a week.
  • 2.My mother always nags me that I don't look after her.
  • 3.If we eat every day in moderation it will be good for our health.
  • 4.When I come in a room where some people smoke, I can't breathe because the atmosphere is stuffy.
  • 5.My house isn't spacious so many times I feel suffocated in it.
  • 6.I was sorry, when I heard about this child who was found drowned on the beach.
  • 7.Many people feel isolated in this era, because of the different societal problem.
  • 8.Our houses are more cosy when they are painted in natural colours.
  • 9.One of the feature that I want for my house is to be intimate to anyone.
  • 10.It's nice for a house to be chilly in the summer, but what about the winter?
  • 11.My bedroom is drafty, so when the weather is hot, it is very relaxing to sleep in.
  • 12.My sister's brand new house has a balcony which overlooks the sea.
  • 13.I like the high shutters with green colour.
  • 14.Iraklion is a cosy town;on the downside, it's full of cars.
  • 15.Now I live in a block of flats, but I dream of having a detached house.
  • 16.As a housewife, I can day that the most useful room in a house is the warehouse.
  • 17.My daugther likes to do up her room very often.
  • 18.Many of the things which people do, must be ecologically friendly, in order for us to save the planet.
  • 19.I have a friend who is claustrophobic and doesn't go in the elevator.
  • 20.I had a quarrel with a person last night because he stared at me continously.
  • 21.I believe that when you are keen on something it's certain that you are going to do it very well.
  • 22.All of us like to have some amenities when we stay in a hotel.
  • 23.Parents must be negotiable with their children, especially when they are adolescents.
  • 24.When somebody revolutionizes education,the result of this revolution may benefit many people.
  • 25.All of us saw the blazing forests this summer on T.V because of arsons.
  • 26.Usually a rager is very noisy and full of people.It finishes at dawn.
  • 27.In these days youngsters swear and behave very badly to each other.
  • 28.It makes me feel better if I treat myself to some candy.
  • 29.I like staying in my beloved place for some days every year.
  • 30.Talking with a friend cheers me up, takes my mind off any problem,and I get though the day.
  • 31.It isn't worth splashing out so much money on clothes.

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  1. Bravo Aliki!! That's an impressive return to the world of blogging!