Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Out of Africa"

Out of Africa is the most romantic film I have ever seen.It is based on the memories of a Danish writer Karen Blixen who runs a cofee plantation in Kenya.Meryl Sreep is great as Karen Blixen. The role was very coplex and she performed it beautifully. Robert Redford is also excellent as Denys-Hatton, the hunter who keeps her company.

But the best feature of this film is the outstanding photography of Africa. The beautiful African scenery is breathtaking. Also the soundtrack is out of this world. Sydney Pollack directs this brilliant movie who is one of the best directors of the cinema. There aren't special effects in the film, but I think that it doesn't matter because the test of it is so rich that makes you feel so emotional and touches you in a unique way.

I recommend it to anyone because it is an absolutely brilliant film which was worth every penny!

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  1. Excellent work, Aliki! It is all over Facebook and Twitter now! :0)