Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another world

This book is about a city named Eden City which is a part of another world.All the people in Eden City are always happy:they never fight,they are never ill,they never grow old. The "Team" was the group of people that was responsible for the people's happiness.They made the laws.They were the most important people in Eden City.

Student BZXY741 was the best student of the year and the teachers and all the Students loved him.He dreamed to be part of the "team".Eve was a beautiful girl in the College for Advanced Studies in Personal Happiness, together with BZ.A man from the Ministry of the People's Happiness gave Eve an important job:to find out if BZ was the right man for the "Team".She tried to persuade him that she comes from another world, and that her world was better than Eden' City which was an artificial world because the air,the sky, the moon and every single thing was artificial.She told him that in her world people live real lives,they don't learn how to think and to feel.They live together in families,not just as friends.They love, they hate,they fight, they get ill and they grow old and die.They are free!

All this contrary Eden's City world where people have no freedom and they can't decide about anything because the " Team" decides for them.Eve led him almost five kilometres above to the real world and showed him how real people live there.He felt very unhappy and he saw only dad things like the noise and dirt, the tired depressed faces,so he decided to be back in the college with his friends.

After Eve's report to the Ministry of the People's Happiness, they decided that BZ was the perfect man for the "Team".

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  1. What a description, Aliki, perfect! I was wondering if you could ever imagine yourself living in such a heartless world... So tough to be a code, rather than a person!