Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two important events that happened when I were growing up.

When I was a kid I was very reckless and I liked doing things which boys occupied with, like hunting.
So, one day, many years ago, my brother and I left out house in the village at 10 o'clock in the morning.We took a weapon and we went far away in the forest to hunting birds.Our mother was very concerned about out safety because she didn't know where we were and because around the village there were many wells.We were absent all the day because when you are a kid you don't realise the passing of time and you find many things to do. I remember this event because of the severe punishment which our mother gave us.I also remember that she made a fusse about it.

Another event which I remember is when I was 5 years old and I wanted to go from my village to the town by bike.It was a distance of 24kilometres and I didn't understand that I coudn't go on my bike.So one day, I made my mind up that I can try to go alone.While my parents were busy with their affairs I found the chance to achieve my goal. My uncle found me in the middle of the street as he coming to the village after 2 hours and he took me to my house.
As you understand I had a new punishment again and I remember this event because I really was frightened when I was far away from my house!

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  1. What an obedient child you were! I will tell everything to your daughter who is a blogger herself and I will put her up to leaving a comment here, hehe!