Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Nowadays there are many illnesses because of stress, unbalanced diet and the sendentary life.The most important health problems are diabetes, heart problems, cancer, cholesterol, obesity and osteoporosis.

So having a balanced diet and taking some exercise daily are two of the best ways to lead a healthy life. That means choosing a variety of foods and drinks from all the food groups.It' s good to eat foods of all colors and to find ways to exercise.

You should eat food with enough calories, but not too many.Don't eat more food than your body uses.This depends on your age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity.

Eat a wide variety of foods, especially vegetables, whole grains, ftuits and legumes. Limit sugary foods, salt, saturated fats and refined products.

Moreover you should relieve your stress with working out in a gym to be in a good shape your heart and your brain benefit from exercise.

Another factor for a healthy life is the good sense of humor, which helps you stay emotionally healthy. Remember that even in the most difficult of times, a laugh, or even simply a smile, can go a long way in helping us feel better!!!


  1. Wooow, I love your label: commandments! We are waiting now for your commandments for a good parent to be published!

  2. Every day I try to be a good parent. It is very difficult, so I wait some commandments from friends too.!!!

  3. The most interesting thing would be to get some kids (yours for example!) to write their own commandments for good parents! You can imagine the rest...

  4. I'd go along with that!! I will do it soon, but I am afraid of what I am going to hear!!

  5. By all means, do it!!! It will be fun for us to read! :-)

  6. hi! I'm emma.. a christina's student :P
    basically i agree with you about everything you said about healthy life and diet. And believe me I listen to this advice everyday from my mother, father, grandma etc. But what about the time we can devote to all this exercise and cooking.. I know a lot of people whose lives are moving at a fast pace,so, they just forget to care about themselves.. I don't know what you believe but i am looking forwad to an answer

  7. Hello, I'm Manos. I agree with your points raised. It is very significant that you mention the value of a ballanced diet. Eating in moderation is important and a large range of different dishes should exist in everyday's table. Many small meals are much better than 2 large ones. Always eat food which have low quantities of carbohydrates as the night approaches and rish in protein. Prefer to eat foods are boiled and not fried and avoid too much salt. By doing all this it is quaranteed to have beneficial results and an improved image of yourself.

  8. Hi Aliki!

    I am Maria and I am a student of Christina Markoulaki. It is really important to have a balanced diet and exercise as much as you can! Furthermore there are lots of other activities that helps you keep fit like swimming(that i love). It helps you exercise all your body and get away from it all! If you want to remember your school years visit my blog


  9. Hi Emma!

    I would like to tell you that, nowadays it's more necessary people to dedicate more and more time to themselves because of stress and difficult walk of life.They ought to take some exercise every day because in this way they have peace of mind and they must have a balance diet to avoid the illnesses.The secret is the good organization of time!!!

  10. Hi Manos!
    I like that you are so up-to-date about this topic, and you have a balance diet.But I would like to tell you that only this is not enough! You must take some exercise every day to have beneficial results and an improved image of yourself.

  11. Hi Maria!
    I love swimming too and I go three time a week and swim with fins approximately an hour and half. It's real appeasement!! I will visit your blog definite.