Thursday, August 27, 2009

AUGUST (words)

1. I like to be a role model for my children.
2. A teacher must set a good example to his students.
3. My daugther can imitate some personalities on TV.
4. I love cartoons like TOM and JERRY they are quite funny.
5. There is a hilarious series on TV every Friday.
6. Someone who tells a good joke, amuses the audience.
7. All the family likes to watch sitcom on T.V.
8. I don't like when I haven't the last laugh in a conversation.
9. The archive in my blog helps me to find easy my topics.
10.What I like in my car is the dashboard.
11.I think that the Italics are more formally.
12.Every time that I publish a text on the internet I previw it first.
13. I like the satire and that sort of things.
14. Ι like very much the sweets so I am into make somes for my family.
15. Every night go to sleep after 12 o' clock.
16. I was in the kitchen and while I was dring a glass of water, it slipped from my hand and it broke.
17. When I listen the news on tv I reckon that there is only unhappiness in the world.
18. All that things politician say to us, it's not truly.
19. Acording to this it'd go along with that all the people.
20. Every time I see Mister Been does impressions of somebody I laugh.
21. My grandfather has spoken to me about the years of dictatorship.
22. The teacher dictates to childen some words.
23. Some people in the center of the town protest against war.
24. It is impossible for me to imagine that nowadays there is poverty in the world.
25. I liked how the actor played the trump on the film yesterday.
26. I feel a little tired so I am going to have a lie-in tonight.
27. I like when the shops are closed to go for a walk to do some window-shopping.
28. When I travell abroad I don't catch up with my friends.
29. Before I go to bed I like surf the Net.
30. My husband likes to do some DIY in the house.
31. I don't like to be a mess in my house.


  1. Bravo Aliki, this is exactly what you had to do. Now you can continue your list!

  2. Hey nice blog its pretty awesome! Whats it like living in Greece it looks like a beautiful country to me.