Thursday, August 6, 2009


This story is about a poor fisherman who had three daughters. He sold the fish and he bought food which his wife cooked and his children ate.

One day as he cried out, because he had not caught a single fish, a black man appeared and said to him, "I'll give you a sack of gold florins but you must bring me one of your daugthers to take to my master.If you don't you'll never catch another fish."

The prettiest and kindest of the three girls was the youngest. She said goodbye to her mother and sisters and the next morning went down to the sea with her father. The black man led the girl in another world where there was a beautiful palace with servants who were expecting her.

At first she was happy, but until that time she had been married for a year and had never known her husband,so she was very unhappy for that.

One day her husband left angry, because she tried to know him as her mother told her to do when she visited her in the palace. From this moment the girl began to walk night and day in search of her husband. The girl met on her travels three old women who were really Fates who wanted her to find her husband.

In the end after many adventures she found him and they lived in happiness ever after.


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