Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is PALEOXORA. Is the place where I went to holidays for a week.It is a fantastic place with many beaches and incredible see.The small town of Paleochora lies at the southwest part of Crete and the southest part of Europe. It is built on a small peninsula between two picturesque gulfs. Paleochora is washed by the Libyan Sea. It is called the Nyph of Lybian Sea and the Land of the Sun. I like it very much so I will go the next year.!!


  1. Why does everyone go to this place? We should go togeher some time!!! :-)

  2. Hi Alice..!!! Hi Chris..!!!

    I discern a veil of conspiracy suspended in to the air...!!!!...hahaha..Am I right??

    What an astounding blog...!!

    Nice photo...!!...(deep sigh..!!)
    Once I saw it I recalled to my mind vivid memories from my summer excursions on the outskirts of island.
    Now I'm studing barricaded in my room at the rainy Cardiff.Nevertheless, Cardiff is a lovely city to visit and it's growing on me.
    As soon as I arrange my photos I will post them to my blog.

    See you...girls...!!

  3. Hi George ( or should I say: I-study-all-the-time Cardiff postgraduate student, hihi)

    You got it right, it is a female conspiracy aiming at making you blog even more! We also wanted to make you feel jealous of us living in beautiful Crete instead of moody Cardiff; how evil is that...

    Keep studying, George, you will reap the benefits of your hard work soon enough! We are all waiting for your photos to be published.


    p.s. Aliki, see what studying means? I am thinking of barricading us (as George says) in the computer room!!! Lucky you... :0)

  4. Aliki don't blame me...haha!!
    I'm the innocent party...

    p.s: That's my conspiracy with your teacher!

  5. Hi Alice i'ts Eva speaking and we are studying in the same foreign school. I have been to Paleoxora too and I find it a really interesting place.However especially in August it gets sooo crowded that you can't even swim or find a restaurant to eat.So I prefer something quieter like a beach in Sitia called Kouremenos.If you would like further information about this beach please visit our blog

  6. Hello, I'm Manos. I have visited Palaioxora befora two years and I was really impressed by the idyllic scene. It is wise to choose to visit is during low season where it seems seacluded and peacefull. It's a place I would always enjoy being and I'll try my best to go again the next year.

  7. Hello everyone!!

    @GK: The conspiracy continues... I would like to come to Cardiff to do myself a postgraduate course!I am glad that I have someone to give me information about everything I want to know. When Christina helps me to become fluent in English as you are,then I will be the first one to visit you!

    @ev@ki and djmanos85: Although I went to Paleohora in August, I found many idyllic beaches to swim and some restaurants with delioious food. I will definitely visit your blog to leave my comments!!