Friday, October 9, 2009

October (words)

1. I don't believe that he did this thing because it isn't according to his beliefs.
2. Despite the fact that we quarreled about this, I keep on believing that a friend in need is a friend indeed.
3. Do you fancy going for a picnic in the park?
4. I put some limits to my childen's behaviour and that's definite!
5. My sister comes along with me for a walk in the centre of the town.
6. I had some evidence that he was going to be ill.
7. If my friends are spontaneous with me, I feel very happy.
8. When I cook a meal, I sprinkle it with oil in the end of cooking.
9. A mixture of vegetables is the best for a balanced diet and a healthy life.
10. CV is a document that describes your education and the jobs you have done.
11. You ought to be up-to-date with all the new developments in the field when you are trying to get a new job.
12.Resume should be printed onto one side of a single sheet of paper.
13. Your boss will be pleased if you are effective in your job.
14. A piece of advice from an older person is always acceptable.
15. I said you shouldn't lie because you may be caught out.
16. This weekend I had many assignments as homework in English.
17. The new Prime Minister has many tasks to do hereafter.
18. It is important to remember your accomplishments when you write your CV.
19. When you identify your tasks, it is easier to achieve your goals.
20. One of your qualifications when you apply for a post in a company must be the ability to co-ordinate everything you have to do.
21. If I lead a team, I like taking responsibility for everything that happens.
22. You must take a reference when you leave a job.
23. I wrote a text about the environment, but I forgot to print it on a sheet.
24. Here in Heraklion there are many applicants who want to work in the community.
25. Nowadays there is a big problem with the expansion of flu.
26. In my life, many opportunities arose and I took advantage of them.
27. Everybody in my job should implement the rules of the company.
28. I am learning how to use computers and I have the motive to be good at the information tehnology.
29. My friend John is very innovative with proven managerial skills.
30. Being a senior executive in a business means that one is skifful at giving orders and getting everything done.
31. I would like to be fluent in English.


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