Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Everything about Agia Roumeli

Agia Roumeli is a very special and unique place.Situated at the Southern coast of Crete at the exit of the Samaria Gorge. Agia Roumeli is a small village with 120 permanent residents.It surrounded by wild mountains and a long beach of fine pebble by the clear Libyan sea.The village is remote and a little isolated. You can only reach it on foot or by boat.There is no road.

A few lucky visitors have discovered that Agia Roumeli is a superb place to spend their holidays in and they tend to return again and again.In Agia Roumeli and its surroundings you can relax, you almost forget it exists.Agia Roumeli has no nightlife, no cinemas and no entertainment. However anyone who can relate to nature can find plenty to do.

At a distance of one hour’s walking, following the path, there is the Byzantine monastery of Agios Pavlos at the homonymous beach.This is the spot where St. Paul is said to have landed on Crete on his voyage to Greece. Further on, this path takes you to the beach of Marmara, the village of Loutro and eventually Hora Sfakion which is about 7 hours walk from Agia Roumeli. You can then take one of the frequent boats back to Agia Roumeli.With the mountains so close you might also want to walk up to the two ruined castles, situated on the nearest western hillside of the village. The view from the castles is superb.Last but not least, you will want to have a look at the gorge of Samaria. It is not difficult to walk upwards from Agia Roumeli and if you go in the early morning you will have this beautiful gorge almost to yourself.

The location is perfect for unwinding, forgetting the cares of the world and indulging in the drinking of the local wines, notably tsikoudia, and eating the local cuisine for which the island is famous. This is not a destination for the sophisticated tourist, but more for the discerning traveller looking for a laidback, and unforgettable expirience.


  1. Wow, what an amazing place Aliki! Though staying there can be really hard for those who are used to the cosmopolitan busy life of a city, this secluded village will surely reunite its visitors with nature and offer peace to the soul!

  2. Yes, indeed, it does seem like an amazing place! I've always wanted to go to Greece since my grandfather was born there. It seems so amazing! Anyway, I really like your blog, Aliki. I think the style and the topic are both really neat! I can;t wait to come back for more. Nice job!