Thursday, October 15, 2009


My best classroom experience began about two years ago. It was when I decided to use a computer to practise English. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the computer lab and learnt a great deal. I felt like a little child who takes a gift and everything was very interesting for me.But sincerely,what I felt is nothing compared to how I feel now!

Everything started when my teacher Christina suggested I should have a blog. It was a great idea! She is highly experienced with the Net with proven IT skills, so she took the initiative to show me this magic world.

She co-ordinates everything and motivates me to achieve my objectives. It's fantastic that now I can communicate with different people all over the world and get across my ideas. She broadens my horizons and I would like to tell her thank you for everything and also that I am willing to do everything it takes so that she takes pride in me.


  1. Thank you Aliki for these moving comments and for the wonderful years we have spent together. You know I am always proud of you because of your sincere efforts to learn English despite the numerous responsibilities you have. You have become more than a simple student; you are a true friend!

    And don't forget: now that you have dived in the 'magic world' of blogging (as you say), there is no turning back! :-)

  2. I am very happy that you are my teacher because I admire your cleverness, amuse oneself with your humour, and generally I like you as a person.
    Of course there isn't turning back of blogging because I want learn more and more and you with your encouraging smile helps me to get there. Thank you again.!!!

  3. I am speechless... I will give you a big hug tomorrow!!! :-)

  4. Alice,
    I know how you feel. I began blogging in January 2008 and I don't know what I would do now without my blog. I use them every day, either reading posts and comments from students or writing and commenting on posts students have written.

    Remember to check out the student blogging challenge activities each week on my class blog.

    All the activities are above my avatar.

  5. We should have a blogoholics meeting! Thank you for the suggestion Miss W., I am already aware of these activities and I will make sure Aliki takes a look. Keep inspiring us for more blogging!