Thursday, March 4, 2010

January (words)

Heraklion is a small sity and it doesn't have many motorway junctions.
Despite the fact that it is a small town, the urban sprawl has increased the last years.
I think that a hot bath unwinds and relaxes all people.
When my son wanted to go on a trip alone, I didn't negotiate this with him.
When you have an untidy room, it is very difficult to browse your things.
Last week I went on an excursion with my family and my mind is packed with images.
Picasso's paintings, like Mona Lisa, are outstanding.
To enjoy my stay, I definitely want some basic facilities.
I like travelling by rail because it is more comfortable.
The teacher did some DIY by cardboard for the children last week.
Pride is a sentiment which gives happiness to people.
If you want to earn a reputation for your work, you will have to work very hard.
In my village we have a church with a very high spire.
If you take part in this conspiracy, you will have many bad consequences with the law.
I always use a clove of garlic when preparing my meal.
Children don't like the absenteeism of their parents from the house.
The Museum of Louvre is one of the most famous hightlights of Paris.
The girls always follow the trend at the age of 16.
One of the most important things which I want to teach to my children is self-esteem.
My nephew is likely to have a big career in economics.
When I am in a difficult situation, I always figure out a solution for my problem.
The black breed of people are very good singers.
I am filled with optimism? I mean I have a positive view of the future.
We must diminish the number of cars in my town because of circulatory troubles.
My dressmaker demonstrated me some pattens for carnival costumes.
It is difficult for me to adapt to living in my new flat.
My friend Anna adopted a child last year, and she is very happy now.
Parents always have their children as a priority.
I don't like it when somebody makes me do something which I don't want to do.
In the morning ,I overslept and I lost my appointment with my gynaecologist.
The institution of family is very important in my country.

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