Tuesday, March 9, 2010

February (words)

My friend John is moody everytime I phone him.
But I have another friend who is called George and he is easy-going everytime I phone him.
I would like to have a cheerful company with me when I go out to have fun.
It's very positive if somebody is self-confident because in this way all the things go well.
All people should be thougtful when it comes to elderly people.
The person who talks all the time is very dull.
She hasn't many friends because she is opinionated and this isn't pleasant to anybody.
Most of the famous people are big-headed so this hinders their career.
I don't like anyone to be pushy with me.
Teachers don't like being in the classroom with childen when they are treated awfully.
The doctor told us that our father's treatment rescued his life.
There was an accidend last night and a passenger injured his knuckle on the hip.
My mother doesn't understand when I speak to her, so she gets on my nerves.
For me the date of a lifetime was the first one I had my husband.
Do you remeber the sinking feeling when we lost the plane?
She didn't go on about the film she saw yesterday.
Mr Been has a wicked sense of humour.
He first came across as being moody, but he is a fine person after all.
Once you get to know him, he will make you laugh all the time.
The thing that strikes me about him is that he is so self-confident.
Although the room was very messy he was sitting in it being very chilled out.
You shouldn't make heavy weather of our quarrel because it wasn't a big deal.
I want to be bright and breezy all the time and my friends too.
On the beach I feel more confortable when I sit on a sun lounger.
Every summer I look forward to going on holidays.
Last night I was in a party but I didn't have fun because it was deadly boring.
I 'm convinced that my life will change if I adopt a positive outlook.

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