Thursday, March 18, 2010


Do you think it is possible for extended families to share the same house in harmony?
(The editor of 'New York Today' wants to know his readers' opinions on this recent trend.)

Dear Editor,

I am a reader of 'New York Today' and I am writing to you to express my opinion about the advantages and disadvantages which arise when a newly married couple is obliged to live with their parents because of financiale problems.

The are considerable advantages in sharing a house with your parents.They offer their help daily regarding the preparing of food, the house chores and most important the children's upbringing.Grandparents have a lot to offer because they do not work anymore so they have the time and the patience,which their grandchilden need.Personally, I experienced this situation for a year and I think that it is very convenient and practical in some aspects.

Nevertheless, there are also important drawbacks that cannot be ignored. This means that it is very difficult to share the same house, even with your parents, because everyone needs to have their private space. Many times you have a disagreement with them about differnt topics and this has a negative influence on the life and the harmony of the house. Sometimes they hold strong views and they refuse to listen to others' opinions, in this way an unpleasant atmosphere is created. For example a friend of mine got a divorce when she had to live with their parents on account of the grandparents' mindedness and stubbornness.

Taking all the above into consideration, I suggest that somebody should share the same house with their parents if this is necessary, but for a small period of time, keeping a balance between their privacy and their shared life with others. I hope that my letter will be puplished and that my views will be taken into account.

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