Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dessert with vanilla and chocolate flavour

  • Cracker(1)
  • Milk 350+350ml
  • A sachet of pudding(vanilla flavour)
  • A sachet of pudding(chocolate flavour)
  • Grated chocolate
Preparation for pudding:
Pour350ml(1 3/4cups) of milk into a bowl. Add the content of the sachet(vanilla flavour).Using a whisk stir the mixture for 2 minutes until pudding sets.Do the same for the sachet of pudding chololate flavour.Put the crackers into a pyrex,one cracker next to the other and pour over them the pudding of vanilla flavour.Put again cracker with the same way and put the  pudding of chocolate flavour.Add the grated chocolate and let the pyrex stand to the refrigerator about 30 minutes until sets.

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