Sunday, June 6, 2010

ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION(The editor of the Sunnyvale College News want to know how her readers feel about this issue.)

Dear Editor,

I am a reader of Sunnyvale College News and I believe that alcoholism is one of the weghtiest matters in our society, and especially when it has to do with the new generation.In this way I agree with closing down the college pub at University.

I believe that, because in this age students are dominated by spontaneity,ambition and impulsive reactions, they are not able to manage all these vibes.Consequently, they lose their balance, which is even worse when they are under the influence of liquor.This is to say that, if there is a pub in the campus, it is a temptation which has a negative influence on them so we ought to protect them from that, by the closure of any pub in these places.

I am convinced that the college life should be related with more creative things like sports, learning polite manners, music,formative arts and generally with things which offer them the chance to become better.This means that students should focus on their studies and if they want to have some fun they can do it outside the campus.Besides, there are some students who live into the campus all their student life so they do not want any disruptions in their home; in this way, a pub has no reasons to be there.

I think it will help to try these suggestions in order for all the students and their teachers too to be happy.By doing all this, there will not be any fights between druken students so I hope everything will work out for all of us.

Yours sincerely

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