Thursday, May 26, 2011

Calendar (March)

1.There are many races all over the world, but everyone probably feels that his\her race is unique.
2.Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another.
3.I don't like people who provoke others with their bad behavior.
4.These days the police fines many drivers in the centre of the town.
5.When my children are absent from our home, it seems to me that the house vacates.
6.My mother in law was a seamstress, and she makes me many nice dresses.
7.All of us know that we don't defy the law because we will suffer the consequences.
8.It's very difficult for senior citizens to get on or get off a bus.
9.In politics, it is very common for someone to charge somebody else with doing something.
10.We mustn't violate the laws of nature, because the results will be catastrophic.
11.People who accept the oppression without protest are very weak.
12. I am very happy that I belong to the female gender, although it is very difficult to be a woman sometimes.
13.Every person determines his\her lot by him\her self.
14.I think that many times I am very rigid with my children...
15.But as I am their mother, I am in charge and  they can't do anything about this.
16.People who lived through a  civil war have only bad memories.
17All of us ought to defend our civil rights, for a better future.
18.Because of this, in a fascist state people protest for the oppression which they face.
19.During the year, I save some money for our holiday in the summer.
20.I love to be on the beach when the sun rises.
21.Every day many problems arise for everyone, but we ought to solve them.
22.In a trial the most interesting part is the verdict. 
23.It's nice to uphold emotionally somebody who you know that he\she is in your need.
24.My friend was sacked from her job last week but it doesn't matter because she found a newone immediately.
25.Woman suffer from sexual harassment very often.
26.Forty days before the Easter we must fast not only for religious reasons, but it is also good for our health.
27.When I go to Church I want the preacher to speak very clearly.
28.Children usually have many stains in their clothes.
29.When we are young we don't think that when we are older, perhaps we will be a burden on our childen.
30.The last days I heard about some accidens on T.V because some people exceed the speed limit.
31.This summer I am likely to do many different things compared to what I did in other summers.

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