Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November (words)

Don't neglet your children!
I saw two mice in the garden yesterday.
Every day I meet the dustbin man who cleans the streets.
It was raining all day yesterday so you can't walk today because of the mud which covered everything.
Have you heard about the crime on tv? Someone stabbed his wife many times.
My favourite singer brought out a new cd.
The wedding was put off because the bride was ill.
I will call off our appointment because I don't have any time.
All the company is on strike because the employees want to earn more money.
I have always had the fear that someone will kidnap my child.
The gardener comes once a week and weeds the garden.
His plan to steal things from the shops was wicked.
There are some people who sacrifice their life to rescue other people.
My cousin George was injured seriously when he had an accident with his car last year.
These days there are many floods in Europe because of the bad weather.
The car dosen't move when it has a flat tyre.
I like the decoration in your house because it is very plain.
This program which I installed in my computer is very helpful.
I don't like the fact that I grow up and I have so many wrinkles.
You had better see a dentist soon.
Every time I say to my son to lower, when he listens to music.
If you don't clean your skin every day,you are in danger of getting a skin infection.
I should take up my dress because it is very long.
My daughter's piano is tuned every day.
Every year I polish my furniture.
All the chores are postponed because I am going to Athens for a few days.
My mother rearraged all the furniture after the death of my father.
When I was a child, I didn't brush my teeth every day.
If you want to have sanitaty conditions in your house, you must mop daily.
My grandmother knew to sew very well.

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