Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It is generally accepted that adolescence is the most important periods in the  human life because this period forms the basic principles for the rest of our lives. Also, it is common knowledge that all the teens face a wide range of problems. In my opinion, the most serious problem is bodily changes accompanied by psychological alterations and behavioural problems.

It is very difficult for them to see their body change so fast and to be obliged to accept that  they cannot do anything to stop this procedure if they want to. They feel imprisoned in their body and all this pressure makes them rebel in every occasion without a serious reason. Obviously, for this unpleasant situation hormons are responsible which overwhelm their organism so much that momentarily they feel happy and after a while they are unhappy and nervous without being able to explain what happens iside themselves. they struggle to have a balance but that seems very difficult sometimes. 

As for the ways to tacle this problem, there are a few steps that could be taken. Parents, teachers, relatives and everybody who is around them should be patient, tolerating any rude expression or bad behavior, knowing that it is not their fault  that they cannot manage the problems which appear. The adults who have the experience of this age, ought to understand adolescences and help them with some discussions about how they felt when went through these problems and make them realize that it is a time period which is going to pass by. 

Further more, teenagers should be activated in sports and exercises because in this way they relieve their tension, are calmer and help their body to grow right. Last but not least, school teachers in cooperation with parents should listen what teens talk about very carefully, which their secret thoughts are and what they really feel. Adults usually demand children to obey the rules because this is a convenient and easy way to handle anything, but in reality they ignore teens'  problems. 

All in all, taking all these into account I believe that puberty should be a wonderful age! 


  1. Aliki, you deserve the title of the best student- blogger- mum in the whole world! Way to go!!! :-)

  2. Thank you Christina, I will try to be proud of me!

  3. I am always proud of you, no matter what! :-)