Sunday, September 4, 2011

Calendar (August)

1) I like this dress so I want to know in which retail price it is.
2) The t-shirt which I liked was a famous-label cloth so I didn't buy it.
3) This is a good period of time to shop around if somebody wants to buy things.
4) It's sounds that a well-known actress is going to come to our town.
5) I had a very convenient offer to purchase a big house in the countryside.
6) It's welcome by everybody to get a gift card to manage it as he/she wants.
7) When I graduated from high school I promised to our classmates that I would organize a reunion party after few years.
8) Every time I visit the aquarium I feel excited about the wide range of fishes.
9) When you are in a foreign county, you need a guided tour to show you all the attractions.
10) I prefer going to a casual dining instead of a formal restaurant.
11) I love cooking and I like tasting different cuisines from all over the world.
12) I would like to be a member of an extreme sports club.
13) Many times, I am not in the mood of going shopping, so I prefer to buy everything I want from the comfort of my house.
14) Every time I receive a letter from my friend in America, I am very pleased.
15) It would be nice if the Municipality gives food to the homeless free-of-charge every Sunday.
16) Before you buy a product, it is useful to take some samples.
17) Each occasion in our life demands a different way to be dealt with.
18) There is a specialty store with footwear downtown in our city.
19) The blouse which I bought two days ago doesn't fit me, so I will go to exchange it with a skirt.
20) A famous singer will come in our town but I didn't find a ticket for his concert. All were sold out.
21) I don't like buying anything which is non-refundable.
22) When I was child, I gave away all my toys to a poor girl.
23) We must give up all bad habits!
24) When you rent a new house, you must pay two rents beforehand.
25) I he from one place to another in ave run out of money again so I should borrow some from my friend.
26) It's very difficult to move from one place to another in Athens because the fares are very expensive.
27) I keep all my things that are of great value, particularly things with sentimental value.
28) To keep fit you should eat small quantities of food.
29) I think that the sales clerk didn't give me the change correctly back.
30) He is stingy and has many problems because his wife is very extravagant.
31) In my neighborhood you can't buy a house because the square foot is very expensive.

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